Obedience Puppy Training
The basic On & Off Lead Obedience program is a 6 week foundation course using the internationally recognized Optimum Placement
Technique (OPT) method.  This humane and efficient method was developed by Dr. Mary B Adelman to obtain the maximum results
with a  minimum of stress to the dog and handler.  Together we will take you and your dog through the process of learning to walk on
a LOOSE LEAD and teach the SIT, DOWN, STAND, STAY, RECALL, and GO OUT.  During this obedience phase of training the leash will
not be held in the hands, nor will the dog be corrected.  
The OPT program is a suitable foundation for home use as well as conformation and performance showing.  The optimum age to start
training a puppy is between ages 2-4 months, but any age puppy or dog can benefit at any time from the
OPT method and go on to excel in the desired activities.

Classes are offered year round in our modern, air conditioned and heated training facility.  
Feel free to call for class scheduling information or for an appointment to evaluate your puppy or dog.  
You may contact me by phone at
(270) 436-2858 or email maryba@toast.net.       
Seminars and
Seminars and workshops are not only conducted
at Glendhenmere Kennels but offsite as well with
the following topics to choose from:

* Beginning level
* Competition Level
* Obedience Instructors



* Foundation for all breeds


Seminar and Workshop discussion includes:
* A review of the historical background of
obedience training in America.

* A review of current research in canine
and human learning patterns.

* Origins of the OPT program, a new and
unique way of training dogs and their handlers,  
and its development through analysis of this

* Techniques to make your training more efficient,
humane, and enjoyable
for you and your dog.

Seminars are generally scheduled months in
advance, so please make your arrangements
early.  Lecture and hands-on training seminars
are available depending on the subject and
situation.  Workshop and seminar fees and
schedule available on request.

For more information about the classes we offer,
please check out our training page.
Obedience Instructor and Kennel Master Courses
These are by appointment only and last from several days to several
months depending upon the individualized program selected.
Daily, weekly, and course rates are available on request.
This program is VA approved.  We have DEA Certification.  
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The German Shephed Dog Handbook
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OPT Instructional Videos and Lesson Plans
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Pictured is Wulfgar vom Stalwart Am/Can CD Am/Can CDX TD TC HIC Sch I Sch II Sch III FH ET AD TDI
(two legs on UD). He was owned and shown by Dr. Mary Belle Adelman
major ptd Glendhenmere's High Muruki UD TDI
Int'l Ch/Am Ch WTCH Glendhenmere's Buruki CDX RE HXAd  HIAd

bred/owned/trained/handled by
Dr Mary Belle Adelman
The Optimum Placement Technique (OPT) Program
OPT Foundation Course
conducted by Master Trainer: Dr. Mary Belle Adelman
(instructor AKC obedience, tracking, conformation and herding judge; NADOI approved for Novice, Open, Utility)
Bar-Mill's Cut To The Chase HSAsd RE BN CD
owned/trained/handled by
Dr Mary Belle Adelman
Anything that destroys that bond is negative training.  The OPT program is designed to be totally positive,
thus allowing the handler/dog to work toward the desired goals without destroying the easy
companionship between them that most people desire.
Communication is the key and is a much more rewarding training approach
than subjugation, coercion or domination.

Since many people do not want to do any form of competition, this system is set up to give off-lead recalls,
loose lead walking, and also teach the dog not to jump up on people in the first lesson.
Socialization and home-living skills are the foundation of all our communications.

We live in dangerous times; our dogs can help us in many ways.  
One of the first things we teach the dog is to find each person in the family, especially children, by name.  
Your dog will then be able to help you locate them should this become necessary.
The OPT is designed to make the dog an integral part of the family,
giving pleasure, not creating discord, on a daily basis.    
German Shepherd Dog Handbook features the all breed obedience and
tracking OPT program. Used as a handbook for the OPT obedience training program.

Dr. Mary Belle Brazil-Adelman is an AKC obedience, tracking, herding,  
and conformation judge and a past Schutzhund judge. She writes  
articles for most of the major canine magazines including the AKC Gazette.