About Us


For the past 30+ years, my husband and I have owned land and stock.  We currently have 100 acres under fence in
Western Kentucky, about ten miles south of Murray.  We raise St Croix hair sheep for herding training and trialing,
plus have a flock of Call Ducks for the same purposes.  Housing and working pens for the sheep are located
near the 21 run kennel.  All but 6 runs are covered and 13 open into the main kennel area with year around climate controlled.
The 33 ft square interior room is used for display and training.

I became involved with the AKC world of dogs, training and showing, back in 1972.   I am an
AKC judge in conformation, herding, tracking, and obedience and was formerly a NASA Schutzhund judge.
I am currently training and competing in conformation, obedience, rally, agility, and herding events with
my Australian Cattle Dog and German Shepherd Dog.

Besides my books, I also have several videos/DVDs out including The OPT Obedience Introduction and
two volumes of Training and Polishing for Novice, Open and Utility, plus an Introduction to Tracking & Schutzhund
which features a tracking workshop for beginners and an introduction to Schutzhund obedience and bite work at the Sch I level.