How to Groom Your Horse

How to Groom Your Horse

Horses may seem so majestic and enthralling with the power that they seem to have. They may astound you, but if you are in it not just to experience their beauty but to keep them as one of your priced possessions, you will need to know how to groom your horse. It is not just to make them look good, but is also one way of keeping them healthy and satisfied even while being kept out of their natural habitat.

Stabled horses need to be properly maintained to keep them in top condition. You will need to commit adequate time to make your horse feel a little less isolated, instead allow it to feel at ease. Keeping your horse properly groomed means making time to be with them and making them feel and look great. It is one way of maintaining a beautiful bond, one that is not intimidating but a pleasurable one.

If you are a new owner, you need to know that your horse will require a lot of time to keep it satisfied and healthy. This way, you can expect that it will also provide you what you need from it when the time comes, especially if you intend to breed them.

One of the things that you need to know is proper horse grooming. This is what your filly will need to maintain a healthy coat. It is also one way of maintaining a good bond with your horse.Spending time to groom them will also allow you to know your horse better.

It may seem like a struggle at first. Your horse may even feel threatened and display an aggressive behavior, especially if it will its first time to be separated from its former habitat and herd. Grooming does not mean just running brush over your horse’s coat. Though it might seem a natural thing to do so, it will require some tools to make sure that you do it the right way.

You need to use the following tools for proper horse grooming:

Please choose a best horse grooming kit, it always includes all the things you need. You can refer to the function of some tests here:

  • Curry Comb. A curry comb is a soft rubber-toothed brush that is used to brush out dirt off your filly’s coat and loosen its hair. The label came from the action word, “currying, which means removing sweat, dirt and loose hair from a horse’s coat.
  • Dandy Brush. A dandy brush may be made of either natural or synthetic bristle. It is made with a long oval handle with stiff, long bristles. It is used to remove the loose dirt and hair that brought to the surface with the curry comb. In essence, it flicks off that excess dirt and hair away from the horse’s coat.
  • Body Brush. A body brush is a soft-bristled brush made of horse hair that is used to remove finer particles and dust off a horse’s coat. It adds shine to the coat and is also quite soothing to the horse.
  • Polishing cloth or towel. To give that finishing touch, a polishing cloth or towel is used to give that coat a nice shine.
  • Hoof pick. A horse’s hoof pick is made of either metal or plastic with a stiff bristle brush on one end. It is used to easily remove dirt and mud that can get stuck in your horse’s hooves.

Proper Way of Grooming a Horse

Curry the horse first as this also relieves the tension off the steed’s muscles and also makes blood flow better. The first step in grooming is to curry your horse. Currying is the act of massaging your horse. Curry through the neck, body, and legs to the knee area of your horse.

You can follow-up with the dandy brush and use this on its face. You can also use it in any part of the horse’s body or where mud got stuck on its body.

Then use the body brush anywhere on the animal’s body. It will help remove any remaining dust off its coat with that brush.Use a polishing cloth to give that coat a nice shine.

For the maine and tail, you can use the dandy brush and use gentle strokes when you do.

Horse grooming is necessary to maintain the overall healthy appearance of your horse. For the best horse grooming products, you can easily find them at tack shops.