OPT Foundation Course
conducted by Master Trainer: Dr. Mary Belle Adelman
(instructor AKC obedience, tracking, conformation and herding judge; NADOI approved for Novice, Open, Utility)

Obedience Puppy Training
Obedience Puppy Training
The basic On & Off Lead Obedience program is a 6 week foundation course using the internationally recognized Optimum Placement
Technique (OPT) method.  This humane and efficient method was developed by Dr. Mary B Adelman to obtain the maximum results
with a  minimum of stress to the dog and handler.  Together we will take you and your dog through the process of learning to walk on
a LOOSE LEAD and teach the SIT, DOWN, STAND, STAY, RECALL, and GO OUT.  During this obedience phase of training the leash will
not be held in the hands, nor will the dog be corrected.
The OPT program is a suitable foundation for home use as well as conformation and performance showing.  The optimum age to start
training a puppy is between ages 2-4 months, but any age puppy or dog can benefit at any time from the
OPT method and go on to excel in the desired activities.

Classes are offered year round in our modern, air conditioned and heated training facility.
Feel free to call for class scheduling information or for an appointment to evaluate your puppy or dog.