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The Optimum Placement Technique (OPT) Program

Courses and Class Information

CLASSES run year around in our climate controlled indoor facility.  We have 100 acres located in Western Kentucky with full Herding
training and trialing facilities, Agility training areas, Tracking and Schutzhund work areas.

OPT Foundation Obedience
6 private, by appointment, classes that give the family tools to communicate their wishes to the dog in a calm,
non-threatening environment.  Lesson Plans, handouts, and an autographed copy of the instructor’s training book are included.
Instruction allows the dog to develop skills over a period of time and adjust to all members of the family.

Problems are addressed from both a prevention and, if necessary, retraining standpoint.  Flat, plastic snap collars and a soft
4 to 6 ft  lead are recommended, as well as a 6 ft, or longer, light drag line.  No special training equipment is used.

House training, social skills, including finding each member of the family by name, basic obedience of
walking on loose lead, plus off lead recalls, sits, downs, stands, stays and other skills useful to the dog
and family are trained.  Basic dog maintenance and care are also covered.  Most dogs can go into conformation showing
at the beginning levels and are ready to pass the CGC at the end of these lessons.
All dogs should be ready to step up to the next competition level training should the owner so desire.
The family will be introduced to the wonderful world of dogs in the 21st century.  There are so many exciting things you and
your dog can do.  Our program can train you and your dog to any advanced level competition you would  like to explore.

These sessions are open to all breeds and ages, but are best learned at the dog’s most receptive time period, between
two and four months of age.  Older dogs can generally still learn, but the process often takes much longer.
The rule is: the younger, the better.  This is especially true of those breeds of dogs not noted for their skills in obedience.

Dr Adelman is a member of NADOI (National Association of Dog Obedience
Instructors) and is endorsed to train Novice, Open and Utility

Tracking Classes
Tracking Classes offered, as weather permits, all year
round, by appointment.  These classes are tailored
individually and are primarily aimed toward obtaining
the Tracking Degree (TD), the Advanced Tracking
Degree (TDX), and the Variable Surface Tracking
Degree (VST).  Dogs obtaining all three levels receive
the Champion Tracking Dog (CT) designation.

Schutzhund Classes
Schutzhund training toward titles is available year around with emphasis on
rules of competition and the obedience and tracking elements.
Introduction to bite work and early training is available all year but
advanced bite work and tracking are weather dependent.  AD, VB, Sch III,
FH instructor.

Scent Work
Additional classes involving scent work are also
available by appointment and include police work with
drugs as well as individual problems involving using
the dog’s scenting ability to locate a variety of targets

Conformation Classes
Conformation classes by appointment. Covers rules and regulations
involved in entering and showing your dog in AKC as well as
International and German style conformation. Covers details of getting your
dog to ringside as well as presentation of your dog in the ring.

Instructor Courses
Instructor courses by appointment and tailored to
individual needs.  Covers how to set up a training
facility, details of operation and  promotion as well as
techniques of training.  Geared toward obtaining
certification in appropriate area.

Advanced Classes
Advanced Classes offered year around to private individuals, by
appointment, or with group classes on workdays for practice.
These classes are tailored individually to move students into the
competition levels for titles and include all necessary information
both on training the dog, entering competition, and
all rules and regulations involved. Advanced work includes
all levels of Rally, Novice, Open, and Utility as well as extra titles
as they are added by the AKC. Currently all dogs both purebred and
mix breed are eligible to compete in AKC performance events.

GLENDHENMERE KENNELS  Degree Training Program
Minimum Requirements for a two year degree in Canine Technology and Education (CTE)

The CTE degree will be issued to those students who have successfully completed the academic and practicum requirements.
Students will be prepared to continue research in the field of canine technology and be able to earn a living as a
professional trainer, handler, breeder, manager, consumer supplier, or any of the associated areas.
The student will acquire all of the necessary skills for successful participation in their chosen area.
A total of 69 hours are required, with a minimum of 12 practicum hours.  There is no minimum time requirement for completion of the
CTE degree, as long as students maintain a steady progression toward their goal.
Students must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA to earn a degree.  Classes are open to non-degree pursuing students as well.
Specific core courses are required for the degree.
Nine hours from the core courses are required, the balance of the hours may be taken as electives from any area of interest.

Correspondence courses may make up to 30 hours of the required course work.  Practicums are independent studies under instructor
supervision and may be done on the student’s time and from the student’s home base.  Fifteen hours of residency work at the campus
are required for completion of a degree.  Residency work can sometimes be done by special sessions if two or more students and three
or more courses are involved.